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Car news / Heels on Wheels : Recomended 2009 3-Row SUVs and CUVs


Heels on Wheels : Recomended 2009 3-Row SUVs and CUVs

Car News / Theautochannel.com

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2009 Mazda5 Family Car

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Katrina Ramser

By Katrina Ramser
San Francisco Bureau
The Auto Channel

Three-row accommodation offers an added advantage to families needing SUV or CUV(crossover utility vehicles) space: More room.

But not all three-row vehicles are created alike. First, the exteriorshape is of the vehicles that proffer three rows are changing, muddling thedesign lines from minivans to micro cars. Consumers perceive this with theall-new Ford Flex and the Mazda5. In fact, it would be extremely firm to tellbased on fair looks which vehicles are immolation three rows.

Secondly, the inside design or the existing seating: Most third rowsoffer least comfort in terms of skull and legroom. Also, getting in andout of this hindmost line can be a maneuvering challenge, since seatingconfigurations aren"t at all times push around.

Finally, there are safeness issues to consider. Yes, SUVs and numerous CUVshave a higher pose to grasp up in collisions, but with that third rowbeing so close in a rear-end situation, it"s a concern. You desire a vehiclewith merited safeness standards.

Taking into outlook our up above criteria, here Heels on Wheel"s 2009recommended three-row vehicles:

2009 Dodge Journey: Straddling the form of minivan and SUV. This7-passenger conveyance hits a larger parental courage with built-in succeeding rowbooster seats. A 2009 Dodge Journey with the 3.5-liter V6 motor has a baseprice of $23,125 – free cog the Premium ConvenienceGroup (rear AC, 3-zone meteorological conditions control, hands-free communication ride);Flexible Seating Group; and the Safe and Sound Group (rear-view camera);and Rear Video Group (DVD player) bumps it up to a still-affordable$30,505. Keep in intelligence a hardly quirks do exist, such as the back part backup screenpositioned awkwardly manner too little or the second-row meteorological conditions controls placedtoo high representing a Often second-hand as plural child to reach.

2009 Ford Flex: Unique form revitalizing and wooing the wagonmarket. The 6-passenger Flex fits two kid seats in the third rowcomfortably. A charge of $42,390 charge reflects the Limited edition,spare-no-expenses price. Equipped with anti-lock brakes and face and rearairbags, the Flex also has Ford"s AdvanceTrac with RSC, a steadiness controlsystem, which helps attach check force and reduces motor power if thevehicle senses the push is exterior of control. The IIHS named the Flex a topsafety pick representing face and side descend tests, along with back part collision (whichis what you desire representing a third-row vehicle). Smooth, stable and predictabledescribe the driving (and parking) in a Flex.

2009 Honda Pilot: Somewhat customary or boxy SUV-shape. An8-passenger Pilot with a 3.5-liter V6 motor and leather seating, XMsatellite radio, driver"s 8-way adjustable power seating, and tri-zoneclimate command (for all rows) runs you $33,595. New outer bonusesinclude a tailgate with a lift-up glassware breed and extent expanded to 2.9inches and the breadth at 1.0 inch. I had a larger third-row rider takeon hours of sitting without complaint, making the Pilot single of my mostcomfortable third-row vehicles. Hondas are extremely dependable cars, and thedriving is extremely regular and quiet with agile and safe handling. It hasSUV gas needs, but at an intend of 19-mpg (17-pg capital and 23-mpg highwaydriving), the Pilot is a little less parched than most V6 competitors.

Mazda CX-9: Mistaken an ālite competitor. Looking alot an Acura MDX or Lexus GX470, a fully overloaded CX-9 – DVD,leather, 8-way power and ardent driver"s seat, moonroof, Bose stereo– desire sprint you $38,260. A standout on the CX-9 that sets is apartfrom such a saturated crossover market-place is the Blind Spot Monitoring System. Radar sensors are located in each corner of the back part bumper, so if a caris creeping up into your sightless spot, all you be obsessed to do is throw a glanceinto your side mirrors to outlook an electronic lighted image. The succeeding andthird rows bend even easily. The CX-9 is a Consumer Reports recommendedvehicle, respected representing it"s informal handling and quietness. I get happier andhappier with each Mazda I drive.

2009 Mazda5 Grand Touring: The economy crossover.This little guyhad three rows, mini-van class sliding back part doors, leather seating, anavigation system, a moonroof and back part spoiler – all included representing atotal charge of $25,695. You"ll fail you amount fair 181.5-inches frombumper to bumper. A peppy, able 4-cylinder that desire instruct in you to bebrave in movement (now I grasp where the "zoom-zoom-zoom" tinkle comesfrom). With an intend of 24-25-mpg, you"re doing higher than V6 engines,but not as agreeable as a hybrid.

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